Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tower of Terror is a "no run"

So this is the second year that Rundisney will be putting in the Tower of Terror 10 miler. Last year I ran it in its inaugural year, but this I wont have that chance. I didn't get to sign up this year and now I wish I had.  
I LOVE nighttime races and the new distance runDisney offered was awesome ... but when I was done running it I thought it had a few kinks to be ironed out and I decided to pass and now kind of regret it. 
Since I had run the Princess half in February and I was going to Disneyland to earn my Coast to Coast medal at the new inaugural Dumbo Double Dare Challenge, this race took a back burner when runDisney also announced the new Minnie 10k. Not realizing if I did the Tower of Terror 10 miler I could have been a possible legacy runner. 
Living so close to Disney it sometimes has its up and sometimes it downs. You see, being so close it's so easy to just get up and go to the runs. On the other hand, it's so hard to kick yourself for not signing up for one and knowing you're so close to the action! 
So with jealousy I will be watching the tweets, Facebook posts, and texts my friends will be posting on this run. Cheering them on buy at the same time kicking my tush that I didn't sign up again! 

Good luck to all of my #rundisney friends and my local Team Fit2run friends Ken, Melissa, Jill, Louis, and Kimmi!

You will all ROCK this race!