Monday, September 30, 2013

Is it really a Solo Run? Or are your friends really with you?

I have been slacking on my running due to some stomach issues all week and yes the flood gates from heaven have finally stopped. I was almost ready to start building my own ARC to go to work. 

The past few days have actually been cooling off here in SW. Florida. The humidity has gone down a bit and the sun is finally present with some blue skies! So this morning I decided to spur of the moment get up and go running. 

If I am going to go running by myself I usually go to the gym, I'm a safety nut and I like my music when I run. The two don't go hand in hand, but today I just felt it would be ok with all the other runners/walkers out there. I decided to go down to the water and run by myself and see some scenic views I never really take in. 

Once I got there I remembered Joe R. using "Map my run" and thought I would download it and check it out. I don't have a GPS watch- it's just me and my iPhone! I got it all set and OFF I WENT! 

I started to run on the same path that Kim and I ran during our Jingle Bell 5k. It's much prettier in the day. She always has such great pictures running this route and the views were just like she posts...beautiful today! 


I thought of Tracy telling me that sometimes she likes to just run solo and take it all I agreed. I wanted to give her a call just to say hi but she had a thing called work so I passed on it but somehow saw her running infront of me the whole way with that ponytail swaying!
As I changed directions I ran under a bridge and thought of Marcia. She always has bridges in the background of her running pictures... today I took one for her and thought about her smile and drive! 

I kept running and took some more pictures on my route. 


After running about 3 miles I got to some shady areas that I could run through and cool off. There weren't any stores open yet so I could window browse as I ran through. 

Then I saw it! What? A new candy shop is opening? OMG I so wanted to stop but I didn't... I will have to come back here. Any guesses who I thought of at this point in my run... My candy girl Brandi! I swear after seeing her running outfit as the Candyland game board that is all I can think of when I see sweet shops now!  This one's for you girl!!

Running back my little "coach" Told me I was at 4 miles and under one hour thank God! Somehow I had a flashback of seeing Mr. Matt M's time and distance of like 10 miles in this same ridiculous time and thought to myself "How does he do it? I swear the man is bionic?!" Ok I might have actually said it outloud too. lol.

As I ran thinking about how the heck to improve my time all I could think about was my son telling me "Mom! Pick up legs when you run!" 
Then all I could think of was "Won't I get injured Jeff Galloway?" 
Oh! I don't know just keep running! 

Coming around the homestretch there was no one there, not a soul, and I remembered a picture my friend Christine  took last week on one of her runs. 
Today it was my turn to take a sweaty one of me! I love reading Christine and Pam's running stories. These ladies are lovely! So today here's right back at 'cha girls!  Cheese! 

I don't know who this picture is for but I will say I wish it was open because if it was I would have totally stopped for a rum runner!


Well I made it back! I was hoping to run a little more but the sun was getting a little too much for me and at this point I was a sweaty mess. Circling the parking lot a few times I was hoping to hear "coach" say I was at 6 miles but I didn't so I ran through the remaining part of my song and then said "ahhhh! Whatever!" 

It was actually a nice run. Maybe next time it will be cooler. 

Ps story not over...
 I drove home and I have to say I chuckled once I went to shower. You see since my surgery what you don't see under my shirt is about 2-8  full strips of KT Tape holding me together on my stomach area. It is always fun taking it off... The last person I thought of was Ty! Finally after months of not using the tape he tried it... Um, yeah... Without shaving. Ooo! That must have hurt taking it off!  So Ty yes, I also learned that those small little baby hairs on your stomach can hurt like a bitch... sweaty and all! 

Have you ever went on a solo run and it really wasn't solo because you had the sights and thoughts of your friends with you? 

Run fast ~ Have fun everyone!