Thursday, September 12, 2013

I've caught the #rundisney virus again!

Once again I have caught a virus! 

It's VERY contagious and it can reoccur  many times a year. The worst place to get it is on a runcation! 

This virus is called Rundisneyitis 

Some of the  symptoms can be: 
1- Counting down the days until your next race at Disneyland or Disney World
2- Clearing your weekend schedule because you need time to spend on your themed running costume 
3- Stalking the @rundisney twitter and Facebook page because you didn't get into the meet up! 
4- The need to "Carb Load" atleast once a day so you eat and drink "around the world" 
5- When you plan your days in the parks according to your  "meet up" parties 
6- Standing outside the expo entrance 2 hrs before hand so you could fight someone for a "I did it" shirt 
7- Standing in another line for over 2 hrs to buy that shirt
8- Planning where there are character stops on the course
9- Wearing your medals in the parks because dang it ... You earned that medal!
10- a week after you get home you start looking at the runDisney site hoping that there is a race to sign up for because you're already having withdrawals of Disney and you miss your running friends.

If you think that you may have it too... 
This is the link for more information. 

Until we meet again... Have fun and remember, We'll always have Disney!