Sunday, September 29, 2013

A NEW look for my blog Travel Girl on the run

I have been wanting a new look for the blog and it finally happened, but not on purpose. It was by accident! 

 For the last few weeks I could not change the background of the blog amongst some other things. I tried on two different computers and my iPhone and it wouldn't budge! Well tonight with one click of a button I lost my blog theme, fonts, colors, and some more! I almost died of a heat attack! 

So on that note I got a new new to the blog. I started working on it at 4:30pm and just a few minutes ago I finished it at 1:30am. I had to read. Few tutorials on how to get things to work right but I did it. 

So I want your opinion in the comments below...What do you think? Yes I want pros/cons that's why I am asking :)