Monday, September 23, 2013

All roads lead to Saucony Love

If you asked me years ago what brand of running shoes I wore I probably would have had to look down at my sneakers to of answered them. I honestly can tell you that I never wore running sneakers because I didn't run and I didn't know the first thing about the different types. Now I think I could honestly get a job as a running shoe sales woman. 

I had the worst luck trying to find my perfect glass slippers and learned from each expierence. 

In order for you to run a 5k you need to first get yourself a pair of running shoes before you can run. So I went to the outlets and purchased a pair of Nike Frees. It was their first year  out. They had great reviews but after running in them my feet started to burn, my toes were cramped, and my knee started to hurt. 

It think I had to do something about this!

Someone told me about  a runners superstore, going there was like a learning field trip. I was measured for the correct size,  I did a gait analysis, and then "AAAAHH!" The picking of the pair. I went with Mizuno's only because I heard fabulous things from reviews and friends and they were comfy. I ran in them and found out that I did not like them, I went back to the store but I was told I could not return them. So I continued to run in them resulting in a very painful local Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. I blew out my knee. Not only was that horrible but I had less than 2 months to my first ever half marathon. I needed a different solution and fast! 

I didn't return to that running store. I wasn't about to buy another pair if $100+  shoes and have them be wrong again. So I went to Dicks Sporting Goods store knowing what I learned and found a few pair of sneakers. 

They were labeled "Saucony" and for about a year I said the name a million  different ways. I bought a pair of black Cohesion's for $34 on sale and I loved them! While I hated the color, black... They were comfortable. In one month from buying them and barely breaking them in I ran my first half marathon in Walt Disney World. 

Until last year I ran in them until someone told me about "mileage" on your running shoes. I started to have problems with my toes flopping and moving around too much in them due to them wearing out. It was time for another pair. 

Again, I tried different shoe brands but all roads led back to Saucony. This time I wanted a lighter shoe and something flashy- I got a bargain at a summer clearance sale of $64. With a little orthotics help. They were great. I ran a few more races in them and thy held up great for the past year! 

Well, jump forward to a few weeks ago. I just came back from running my third half marathon in Disneyland but this time on top of the 13.1 miles I added another 6.2 miles to it to be called the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge. During this race I started to have a little knee pain and my toes were bothering me too. As my feet swelled, the shoes felt smaller. I started to think it was time for some new kicks due the wear inside and out. While they looked like they were in perfect shape, but they were worn. 

After about a week home from Disneyland I took a drive down to my favorite store Fit2Run ( in Coconut Point, Estero Florida where I am a ambassador. I had my eye on two different pairs and company styles for a few weeks now and I was determined to get them if they worked. I tried on some alternate styles that I wouldn't even give a chance to.  Then the ones I had wanted. It was a toss up between the new New Balance and the Saucony and guess what? The ones I really wanted won! The Saucony. 

I chose the Saucony Ride 6 and in citron green/yellow. Now these are flashy! 


Tonight when I brought them home I embellished them with my new Beecause charm from the DDD expo along with my old GOTR charm, and my Nitebeam laces I bought at an expo. Since my next race will be Wine and Dine Half marathon at Disney on November 9,2013 I figured why not lace up some night time bling! 

It's funny how sometimes you don't see a pattern in front of you. Since I found my Saucony running shoes I have fell in love. I don't know why I just don't go right to the Saucony shelf, because I always say yes to them! 
I have to tell you that I was so excited to wear them when I got them home. I am watching TV and do errands around the house in them until I get to run in them. We have been getting monsoon rains and these new sneaks will not be going out in it! 

Keep an eye out for my review of them... I'm sure they will be great!! 

For more information on Saucony go to:

For more information on the Saucony Ride 6: click here