Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Have you ever had a Virtual running buddy?

It has been raining here in SW Florida for 3 days straight but I don't mean rain... I mean rain! Rain that has flooded half of out towns public streets and neighborhoods. We need to take our boats to work not out cars. 

Anyways, the last few days have not been so good for me with this thing called. Chrohns. Let's just say we have NOT been friends and it's been putting a damper on my eating and working out especially. 

I had all intentions of going to run on Monday but that jut didn't happen between the monsoon going on and my stomach. So yesterday after I ended up getting off of work early I was determined  that no matter what I was going to go. 

On my way home while my husband was driving I scrolled through my Facebook posts and saw this that my friend Jackie posted: 

We responded back and forth and decided it was the perfect push we both needed to get to the gym. To prove we were there we'd take a picture when we for there :)

Throwing my clothes on and heading out the door I went to the gym. Half way there I realized that maybe I should have driven the ARC there and hoped I didn't stall out in some of the areas flooded. 

I made it! This was going to be a quick workout today, due to some mommy schedules, so I decided to get on the ARC and do some leg workouts and get some mileage in too ( what kind of machine is this anyway?) 

As I tried to take a picture for Ms. Jackie the machine asked the question for me.. 

That was kind of funny! Cell phone service stunk and it never went through to her :( 

I was doing really good until this one stinky lady decided to get on to the machine literally next to me. Pew! "Lady! I am the only one on these machines of all 25 of them in a row and you have to get on right next me with that awe full perfume?"  Yes that's exactly what I thought! So I stopped, took a picture of my workout, and went to a treadmill in the middle of no where again. 

Talking back and forth with Jackie was fun. It actually made me smile a few times. 

I was having a great run breaking in my new Saucony Ride 7's and then what do you know the stomach started to act up. I even swigged some Imodium when leaving the house so I wouldn't have a problem and that didn't seem to work today.  After about 3/4 of a mile I was getting horrible cramps. So I ended up doing some walk/ running thinking it would pass buy not today. I could only get in over a mile and I had to stop. Ugh! 

Well thanks to Jackie posting on Facebook I got to the gym and so did she.  Sometimes you need that extra push to get you out there even on your worst day! 

So today I have a question for you.

QOTD: Have you ever ran with someone virtually?  Or has anyone given you that push to keep going when you enacted to stop? Comment below.