Sunday, September 29, 2013

For the Love of #TeamSparkle and first Disneyland race!

I have always seen all those girls running races especially in Disney and thought
 "Hmm, is that sparkly skirty thing really for me?" 

Well, with this year being a special year for me I wanted something cute yest fashionable when I crossed the finish line to get my Coast to Coast medal. I will be earning my C2C (as we all call it) by finishing the runDisney Princess half marathon in Disney World and then flying to the west coast to run in the runDisney Disneyland half marathon. (I actually ran in the Dumbo Double Dare challenge but who's bragging? not me!). 

I started to ponder on some outfit ideas and do some research on some of the skirts my fiends wear. By far Sparkle Athletic (aka #TeamSparkle) won hands down amongst my friends. Kelly who is one of the "Sparkle Girls" and is also on one of my Facebook Group Pages Team #runDisney (the badge is on my sidebar). To meet all of the girls and learn more about their products click here. 

After a hunt for my black Fila tank top and I could finally buy my skirt. Of course which is the best skirt they have according to me? The Minnie inspired skirt! It was perfect. I didn't want anything to see thru and I knew I would wear it over and over to the parks. 

The day I received my skirt and I had a big laugh.When I took it out out the package ti show my husband he said "That's what you are wearing to run in?" I said yes with a eyebrow up and a smart ass grin, but the idea of me being Minnie wasn't the problem. He thought I was running in JUST the skirt for the bottom and replied "Don't you think that's a little too short for running? What if someone comes and lifts your skirt or you have to bend over?" I am sorry but sometimes I have to shake my head and wonder is there anything else this man thinks of?"  Explaining that I had bought shorts under it made it all come together in his twisted head. LOL! 
Jump ahead to August 31,2103. After the Disneyland 10k the girls at Sparkle Athletic where gracious enough to donate one of their visors as a door prize for my Travel Girl on the run meet up/brunch I was having at Goofy's Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel. Of course with the new arrival of their red and white polka dots visor I had to pick that one! Ms. Erin of For the love of Disney Running  won the lovely visor and later that day personalized it from the "Mouse" himself.

September 1,2013 Today was the day it was all going to to come together. I had waited for this day for months recovering from an unpredicted surgery in May  I was determines to go out there to have fun and look fabulous doing in my Minnie get up! Running through the parks was a blast. I wasn't going for time...I was going for the experience of running my first trip to Disneyland! Stopping along the way with some princesses... running happily through the streets of Anaheim and Angels Stadium...and doing whatever the course alllowed me to take in along the way....I was doing it!

Finishing was a DREAM come true! With my fellow #TeamSparkle sisters Brandi  Girl on the run365 Kim Kim Runs Disney & Beyond Lena Beginners Runner  Jen Hello Fitness - We Meet Again with me Travel Girl on the run at the finish line, there could have been nothing better!

As a side note I have to post the funniest picture of all. These girls (Brandi- Chestire Cat & Lena Alice) were a total hoot to see during the 10k in these outfits... and yes they were in  #TeamSparkle Skirts!!

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will be giving away a $25 Sparkle Athletic gift certificate EVERY MONTH to one of our Team Sparkle - See more at: