Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Running Dumbo Double Dare For A Cause

With race season amongst us there are so many reasons to run. Some do it for their health, some do it for their sanity (lol), and others do it for the causes.
So many of my friends have run for different world wide charities such as Leukemia or Cancer. While others have support their local schools or organizations.

I'm sharing this guest spot to help a friend of mine, Boris Blazevic, raise money for an organization called "Back on My Feet" that helps homeless victims turn their life around through the healthy rehabilitation of running.

Back on My Feet (BoMF) is a national, for-purpose 501(c)3 organization that uses running to help those experiencing homelessness change the way they see themselves so they can make real change that results in employment and independent living. To read more about it and see how it works go ahead and click on the link http://la.backonmyfeet.org/mission-process , the Impact it has made http://la.backonmyfeet.org/national-impact and how it got started http://la.backonmyfeet.org/timeline .

Over a period of 2 days on Sept 5 and 6, 2015,  he will be running in the runDisney Double Dare Challenge. On Saturday there will be a 10k and on Sunday the 10th anniversary of the Disneyland Half Marathon in Disneyland, California. Over 2 days a total of 19.3 miles will be traveled running thanks to this opportunity  through this charity after the race was sold out.
In in the spirit of giving back to this charity Boris would like to ask your help as he raises money for this great charity. Let's help him meet his goal of $1200.. maybe even exceed it!

TO DONATE (on his page )

Note from Boris:

Hi Everyone, 

So its my honour to run for a great cause this year at the Disneyland Half Marathon in Sept. Many of you know that I spend a lot of time in the LA area and want to give back. Everyone deserves a second chance so please give.


To help him get started I would like to share this giveaway to anyone who donates $20 or more on his fundraising webpage. Check back and see who won after each week. You will be notified as soon as each weeks raffle is over.

Thank you for you support,
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Monday, June 8, 2015

You can now shop at Fit2Run online

 I am so excited to announce that you can shop online at my favorite running store!
Ok Ok... I am am little partial to this running company since I have been an ambassador with our Estero, Florida store for over 2 years now!

The company started as small local company and has now branched out to 15 stores in Florida and our newest location in Los Angeles, California.You may purchase gift cards for your favorite runner, apparel, accessories, all types of footwear, and you may even pre-order your favorite item before it hits the stores!  With over 35 brands you cant go wrong.
Are you new to running or are you wanting to improve speed and endurance? Then their training programs are  for you! Look for a location near you and check out the programs they have going on.

For locations:

Training programs near you:

They are also the running retailer for all of the runDisney events. Check them out the next time you are at an expo!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Club 33 - A Magical Night to Remember

One week ago tonight I was lucky enough to enjoy a truly magical experience at Club 33 in "The Happiest Place on Earth", Disneyland, along with some special friends and a special guest.

For more information on Club 33 here is the link :. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Club_33

As many of you know there are only a few ways to get into this prestigious & private club. One way is to be a VIP or a paying club owner. The other way is to get in with a "host" or a current club member. We were able to get in thanks to an anonymous host that knew a member. Our special guest of the evening and member was non other than Joe and his lovely wife Janet. You can read all about Joe's love for Disney, close work with Walt himself, the beginnings of the club, and of the creation what you see all around you when you go to these magical parks. He was so kind to give us all copies of his book "Walt Dreamers Me" http://waltdreamers.me

That morning my friends and I all ran in the inaugural runDisney Avengers half marathon. After finishing the race and having some fun in the parks this would surely be the best ending to a great race weekend together. 

Club 33 does have a dress code that we had to abide by but you didn't have to worry about the girls because we were just dying for a reason to dress up and get out for a fancy night on the town. 

At about 4pm on Sunday night I met up with my friends Tracy, Natalie, and Gregg outside the parks where the two meet Downtown Disney. While waiting for a special announcement that was cancelled due to weather we decided to go for pre-dinner drinks at the Grand Californian Lounge. As we walked, all dressed up, to the hotel you could hear passer byers whisper "They're probably going to the red door" or "They must be going to Club 33 for dinner". We felt like VIP's.. Well maybe just the girls did. 

5:30pm was our dinner reservation and it was soon approaching so we started to walk back and into the park (theme park admission isn't included). We now just had to find the infamous door. 

Walking into New Orleans we walked down Royal Street and there it was on the left.

We were like kids in a candy shop once we got there. So we had to have a little fun with this possible once in a lifetime experience. These pictures made us even  a little more giddy I think!

Once the rest of our dinner party came we took this picture and we were all ready to get "ringed in".

Walking in to the foyer was beautiful. Even though this was not the original entrance... It was still beautiful!

Of course we had to take more pictures..

Our hostess came to get us and up the stairs we went into the lobby and saw these beautiful memorable pieces from movies... The talking vulture was a hit with everyone :)

Some of us picked out some souvenirs to take home then followed the rest of us to the bar/lounge. That is where we formally met Joe and Janet and he gave us all a signed book with a personal message in it.

Next it was on to dinner...
Our waiters were awesome and you might also say very good looking ;)

Alistar with Kathleen and Janet:

We were handed the menus for the night (which we all forgot to take as souvenirs) then the real evening started.
(Menus are not not al loud to be publicly shown and were taken down from this post)

As Joe & Janet told us stories about Walt, the parks, and some other little secrets... Our drinks and meals started to arrive.

Before dessert was served we all had a little break. Some of us had a little fun waving at the visitors in the park below us from the wrap around balcony...

 On to dessert... 
We had an anniversary at our table and they of course made a little something nice up for our other dinner guests:

And then there was ours... Mmm!!

As the night closed we walked out, my girl Tracy took one last picture with Joe and we all thanked him for a wonderful evening. He told us we were all wonderful guests and the ladies looked beautifully dressed and lovely. Awwww!

Walking out Natalie and Tracy put on their club 33 mouse ears they bought and we walked down Main Street.

All decorated and lit for the holidays we took a few last pictures and said goodnight to a wonderful weekend and a very magical night. I'm sure we will all remember it for a lifetime :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

2XU Test Run

Last night at our local Fit2run store in Estero, Florida. (Www.fit2run.com)
I had a chance to test run in the 2XU compression calf sleeves (http://www.2xu.com) We had a choice of the sleeves or the socks but I'm a sleeve girl.

The rep for the night handed me a very colorful pair in teal in XS, I threw them on, and off I went.

They were nice and snug and to my surprise not sweaty after my run at all. The rep asked me what I thought of them and we laughed because I said they fit like my calves were wearing pajamas all nice and snug :)

I would definately recommend these for anyone looking for a new brand or a second pair!