Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2014 Disneyland Half weekend is officially open!!

It's up ... It's open... Now sign up to run!!

This race WILL sell out, so hurry and race to sign up for race registration. 

Travel Girl on the run will be one if your travel providers for race registration and I will have onsite resort rooms available.

Please send me an email : trvlgrl25@yahoo.com 
With your travel dates 
Resort choice 
and guests in your room

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I want to run Zooma Napa - vote for me!

Hey blog followers!!

This post is short today... 
This would be an awesome oppurtunity & I get to bring one one my followers :)

Vote for me to Run to Napa, powered by ZOOMA and fueled by wine.


Life's unexpected moments from others that change our lives forever

Each of us have un-expected moments that come along from others that change our lives forever.
People that come into your life un-expectantly, but at the wrong time
People that come into your life at just the perfect time, when you didn't know you needed them the most
People that break your heart
People that make you smile
Moments that make you to let go of insecurities 
Moments that make you sit back and think of what kind of person you are and what you want to become
People that no matter how far away in miles they are, are right there beside you in good or bad, happy or sad.
People that help you discover things in yourself that you never thought you had
A simple picture of someone's smile that brightens your day
A simple text of "Hi" to start off your day or an interruption in your day to cheer you up :)
A message that says I miss you
A surprise gift to know that you mean something to someone

Will you be on the receiving or giving end that may change someone's life forever?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Races / New Adventures

A few weeks ago I ran in the Walt Disney World Half Marathon (the Donald) and the inaugural Minnie 10k. The Donald was a last minute Christmas present to myself and the 10k was planned the minute it was announced. Both races were fabulous even though the weather for the week was aweful. I PR'd in both races and like always the memories will last with me forever, but now it's time for something new.

This year will be my 5 year running anniversary in February. If you asked me 5 yrs ago what I thought about running let alone a gym I would have said this exact phrase "Me and the gym don't get along and either do me and running". That's kind of funny...because now I can't think of it not being a part of my life!
It's been almost 8 months since my Crohns surgery, the day that changed my life forever. After relearning how to walk, and not being able to do every day things we take for granted, I cried at the thought that I would never be able to run again.... Yet fast forward 7 months to that day and I just ran 19.3 miles in 2 days and PR'd. That my friends is truly awesome!

But what's next? I want a new adventure.

No I'm not the fastest runner and nor am ever going to be in Corral A or maybe not even Corral B. Does it bother me? Um, yes... But I will try and that's all I can wish for! 

So my new adventure awaits me this year and I'm trying to figure out what it will be. I would love to try something new but finding it has been a challenge. 

I am dying to do a Ragnar Relay race, but the time of year and destination would have to be perfect. My team mates would have to be a group I could live with for how many hours?? and let each other see the good, bad, and ugly?? Oh boy! But I know it would be a load of fun and load of laughs! 

Then there is the BIGGEST question of all.. To run the full marathon and the 10k again so I could be a legacy runner someday or maybe even try the Goofy (a half and marathon back to back). Talking to friend today he mentioned that I could  always walk most of the race to get me to Goofy, but then like I answered him  "I'm not like that" is so true of me. How can you walk it? Ugh.
To be continued on that one I guess.

So what am I forgetting? What should I try? No I am not doing a mud run or one of those hell on earth races. I like being clean in every crease of my body and no I don't want to bust an ankle jumping off of a 12 foot wall after being electrocuted by live voltage. I want something new. A new mileage, a new adventure, a new race that says WOA! to me :)

My races this spring will be:
February: Gasparilla Half marathon in Tampa
March: Susan G Komen race for the cure 5k
March: Sarasota First Watcj Half/ Relay
April: Athleta Iron Girl
August: possible Disneyland Dumbo Dare  Challenge
November: WDW Wine and Dine half marathon. 
January: WDW 10k, and then the full marathon or the Goofy? But woundng that make me Dopey? Eek!