Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Races / New Adventures

A few weeks ago I ran in the Walt Disney World Half Marathon (the Donald) and the inaugural Minnie 10k. The Donald was a last minute Christmas present to myself and the 10k was planned the minute it was announced. Both races were fabulous even though the weather for the week was aweful. I PR'd in both races and like always the memories will last with me forever, but now it's time for something new.

This year will be my 5 year running anniversary in February. If you asked me 5 yrs ago what I thought about running let alone a gym I would have said this exact phrase "Me and the gym don't get along and either do me and running". That's kind of funny...because now I can't think of it not being a part of my life!
It's been almost 8 months since my Crohns surgery, the day that changed my life forever. After relearning how to walk, and not being able to do every day things we take for granted, I cried at the thought that I would never be able to run again.... Yet fast forward 7 months to that day and I just ran 19.3 miles in 2 days and PR'd. That my friends is truly awesome!

But what's next? I want a new adventure.

No I'm not the fastest runner and nor am ever going to be in Corral A or maybe not even Corral B. Does it bother me? Um, yes... But I will try and that's all I can wish for! 

So my new adventure awaits me this year and I'm trying to figure out what it will be. I would love to try something new but finding it has been a challenge. 

I am dying to do a Ragnar Relay race, but the time of year and destination would have to be perfect. My team mates would have to be a group I could live with for how many hours?? and let each other see the good, bad, and ugly?? Oh boy! But I know it would be a load of fun and load of laughs! 

Then there is the BIGGEST question of all.. To run the full marathon and the 10k again so I could be a legacy runner someday or maybe even try the Goofy (a half and marathon back to back). Talking to friend today he mentioned that I could  always walk most of the race to get me to Goofy, but then like I answered him  "I'm not like that" is so true of me. How can you walk it? Ugh.
To be continued on that one I guess.

So what am I forgetting? What should I try? No I am not doing a mud run or one of those hell on earth races. I like being clean in every crease of my body and no I don't want to bust an ankle jumping off of a 12 foot wall after being electrocuted by live voltage. I want something new. A new mileage, a new adventure, a new race that says WOA! to me :)

My races this spring will be:
February: Gasparilla Half marathon in Tampa
March: Susan G Komen race for the cure 5k
March: Sarasota First Watcj Half/ Relay
April: Athleta Iron Girl
August: possible Disneyland Dumbo Dare  Challenge
November: WDW Wine and Dine half marathon. 
January: WDW 10k, and then the full marathon or the Goofy? But woundng that make me Dopey? Eek!