Sunday, January 26, 2014

Life's unexpected moments from others that change our lives forever

Each of us have un-expected moments that come along from others that change our lives forever.
People that come into your life un-expectantly, but at the wrong time
People that come into your life at just the perfect time, when you didn't know you needed them the most
People that break your heart
People that make you smile
Moments that make you to let go of insecurities 
Moments that make you sit back and think of what kind of person you are and what you want to become
People that no matter how far away in miles they are, are right there beside you in good or bad, happy or sad.
People that help you discover things in yourself that you never thought you had
A simple picture of someone's smile that brightens your day
A simple text of "Hi" to start off your day or an interruption in your day to cheer you up :)
A message that says I miss you
A surprise gift to know that you mean something to someone

Will you be on the receiving or giving end that may change someone's life forever?