Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year !

Simple said...

I am wishing everyone a VERY Happy New Year in 2010!!!

Your Travel Girl... Jen

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spice it up for the holidays... Try something NEW!

When it comes to the holidays do you like to stay home? Go to other family/friend home? Or Do you like to get out and travel?

I think when the kids are small it is nice to enjoy Santa and the expierence of them opening presents and the "WOW" factor comes into play. Then they get older... Do they really need all of the frills and gifts that will be played with and worn for a while? Wouldn't it be fun to get away and go somewhere and make a memory? I do!
You know people always tell me "oh you're kids won't remember anything when they get older" Well, I disagree. So far they can tell me of vacations they took when they were little to their first cruise experience years ago.  I think material things come and go and I would like to hope that memories last a lifetime!
So when coming up with holiday traditions and activies, why not spice it up a bit and try something new...You all may like it! 

Holiday cruises are on sale! Why not try something new & have a no fuss holiday! They'll cook, they'll clean, & they'll even do the decorating!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Can't wait for the new album!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Support your local merchants this fall!

Fall time is a great time to venture out and see places you haven't seen before. Look through your local papers and see if there are any festivals, antique sales, maybe even farmers markets!

Support your local merchants. I know the "superstores" sometimes can save time, but not always money. Think of the families that put their pride &t joy into growing their own vegatables, making their own crafts for enjoyment, and are simply just trying to a make a living.

Maybe in venturing out you might network with someone and make a connection you never would have by going to a "superstore".

Get out...Smell some fresh clean air...&  Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Travel Channel- You need a new show & host! ME!

When you think of the "Travel Channel" what do you think of? Places to travel & all types of travel...NO?
Ok,well I do. 1st let me start by saying I L-O-V-E the show "Man vs. Food" well, done! The places he visits are close to my heart especially when he goes to NJ (I'm an original Jersey Girl) Philly, NYC, and home now~ Florida.
Mr. Bourdain, god love 'em! How he goes to those places and can eat some of that food after seeing where it came from 2 seconds before! Now Samantha Brown, yes, I WANT her job!
However, to me The Travel Channel should highlight places I want to "travel" to or cruise to, and see what I'm really missing if I don't go there. Disney, of course is always my favorite to watch. If you've read the rest of my blog you'll know I am a Disney lover. I wish I could be buried there! But have they really run out of ideas at the Travel Channel? Have they found NO ONE that wants to visit different places or do different things while there? What about going to Europe, the islands of the Caribbean, Alaska,? one? No one wants to see the things like Niagra Falls, Washington D.C, or Mrytle Beach? I guess they haven't met pretty ole' me! Pick me. Pick me. I'll do it- I'd be the Giada of the travel channel! For God's sake we could name it where in the world is the Travel Girl! :-)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Using Tripology

Has anyone heard of Tripology?

I guess some have. It's a travel website that you the consumer can punch in what you want in a vacation/ cruise/tour, etc.. and  up to 3 travel agents that are a matched to your trip can contact you back with suggestions and maybe a match will be made.

Sometimes it reminds me of some of those dating services!
Is it a match? Or not? Are you looking to see what's out there for giggles? Or are you really serious about making the connection?

Well,  I am an agent on there and I seem to think that it's not real. I have paid my dues, linked in with them, set up my profile, and I never have any luck. Are there really any serious clients out there? I don't know. I still think word of mouth goes a long way!
But if you are serious and looking for a vacation that works...check out one of the trips I have uploaded for the spring and if you like it come along with us!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How do you find/decide on your vacation?

When it comes down to choosing a vacation how do you do it?
Do you:
1-  Look at different websites?
2-  Use a search engine and hope you find something good?
3-  Call a friend and ask what/where have they gone?
4-  Call a travel agent?
5-  If you see an interesting flyer or a vacation advertised -call about it.
6-  Something else

I'd like to know. Send me a comment.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October is National Vacation month...

Did you know that October is National Vacation month?
Did you also know that on Oct. 14th you can SAVE BIG on cruises lines!
Check out a special website made just for this sale:
Onboard credits, cash back, onboard stateroom gifts, upfront savings, and more! But you won't get them unless you call. They are for certain CLIA certified travel me!
So pull out your datebooks and call me before the sale is over.
We will set sail without you!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

World Cruise Night on October 14, 2009

Join me on October 14, 2009 for a 1 Day event called "WORLD'S LARGEST CRUISE NIGHT"

On this day you will be able to receive discounts on cruises to anywhere, cabin upgrades, on board credits, and lot more specials!
Send me your email address and I can send you a "sneak peek" at specials I will be able to offer you. The link will be active on October 1st. So check out your date book and plan a date to cruise! Call your friends, family, co-workers, or who ever and get the word out! Group cruise are the best fun and the most savings!
Send me a comment below...
Visit me on Facebook: Travel Girl...
Or email me at:
But just don't let that day go by without booking!
1 Day of savings only comes around....ONCE!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

3 Day breast cancer walk in Tampa

Donate $10 to win a cruise for 2 on Carnival and help support our team as they walk in Tampa. Ask me how...Support our Team!
For more info on the walk:

Does it save to early book?

A lot of clients always ask me if it's cheaper to book early or to wait until the l st minute? There is no right answer but this... Did you find something you really want to do? Will you shoot yourself in the foot if it goes away? Then BOOK IT! Now a days there are a lot of companies that will give you a credit if the price goes down such as airlines, hotels, and yes cruise lines! BUT.. If you are strapped for cash and you don't know your schedule in advance then may be you will luck out last minute! For instance sometimes the cruise lines will let us travel agents know a few weeks to 1 week in advance that they have open space. Remember, they DON"T want to sail empty they want to be full!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A magical time!

Well, Disney did it again...
We had a FABULOUS TIME! The Wilderness Lodge is "our home away from home" and we really do feel like that! We all went to celebrate my husband and I birthday and actually I am "Happy Birthday Jen & Dave" out! We took advantage of wearing our b-day buttons to celebrate and we really did have a great time. Everyone was so friendly and accommodating to whatever we needed. We even got upgraded to club level and now we are spoiled! Anyone that has gone there and has had a bad time did something wrong. Whether you tried to pack in too much in or you did not plan correctly. I swear once you have done a Disney vacation there will be nothing to compare it to. The cleanliness, the respect you get, and the overwhelming kindness really does help. There really is something magical about this place!

Friday, July 24, 2009

How to figure out which cruise line is right for you?

When it comes to picking a cruise line how do you pick?
 Some say popularity. Some say media. Some even say persuasion. What I say is... don't get caught up in bad press. Find the itinerary you like, search around for prices, and then do your homework. When I mean homework I mean look at reviews such as blogs, cruise critics, and friends. If you are new to cruising find an experienced travel agent like myself that loves to cruise and has gone on them! Not some call desk that works from a cubicle. I myself do training, go on ship inspections, and cruise to experience it for myself so I can give you a real answer to questions you may ask ahead of time. Then, I can give you a great referral to any cruise line! Have question for me? Email me at or blog back!

Monday, July 20, 2009

A very nice cruise..

Thank you to our cruise director, John Heald who made us laugh so much! We had a great cruise on July 4th! The Freedom was very clean, colorful , and a joy to be on. I will recommend highly as a travel agent and a Carnival repeat guest.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Changing friends on twitter/ blogger...

I never really understood the whole aspect of blogging until someone showed it to me. This computer stuff is all addicting. First it was email. Then AIM. Along came Facebook and now Twitter & blooging, OMG! Well, I guess it's like they say "Times are changing". What will be next? Some use this stuff to get stuff off of their chest, some for staying in touch with family and friends, and like me some business too. It will be interesting on how many people I will meet and maybe get to know more than others on here. So see you all in 1 year and let's see how it goes...