Saturday, October 10, 2009

Using Tripology

Has anyone heard of Tripology?

I guess some have. It's a travel website that you the consumer can punch in what you want in a vacation/ cruise/tour, etc.. and  up to 3 travel agents that are a matched to your trip can contact you back with suggestions and maybe a match will be made.

Sometimes it reminds me of some of those dating services!
Is it a match? Or not? Are you looking to see what's out there for giggles? Or are you really serious about making the connection?

Well,  I am an agent on there and I seem to think that it's not real. I have paid my dues, linked in with them, set up my profile, and I never have any luck. Are there really any serious clients out there? I don't know. I still think word of mouth goes a long way!
But if you are serious and looking for a vacation that works...check out one of the trips I have uploaded for the spring and if you like it come along with us!