Tuesday, September 24, 2013

runDisney Wine and Dine mail is here!

So am I the only one who's heart skips a beat when you open up your email and see this from #runDisney?

I was a late comer signing up for this race so I am not sure if this the first email or the second but every email is always magical! 

I had planned to sign up for next years race being it was the 5th anniversary of the Wine and Dine but after running the Dumbo Double Dare I still had the Disney spirit in me ( can you have too much?)  and started look into open spaces that were left through charities. (I will have another post on that story later to come).
Well, I found one and it was a GO! 

 While I was at the expo I never even saw the medal for this years race. Thanks to Linzie from See Sharp Run for posting this picture above of the medal for 2013. I love the new look! 

I am thrilled to be running through 3 different areas for this race. Starting at Wide World of Sports, heading into the Animal Kingdom, and into Hollywood Studios is going to be a blast! But wait! The course doesn't end there. It trails out of Hollywood Studios through the boardwalk area past the Yacht and Beach Club resort into EPCOT and wallah! There will be your finish line. 

Keep an eye out for more emails and news to come as the time gets a little closer. I know I will be axiously awaiting them! 

For now, make sure you open up your igift bag for promotions, deals, and running information from Jeff Galloway an nutritional info from the Diet Diva herself. Don't forget about your free poster from Lasting Commemoratives and a lot more too!

What are you most excited about at this race? The course, the scenery, the finish line party, or something else? 

Comment below we all want to hear :)