Friday, November 22, 2013

Destination Friday: Where would you go?

You go to your mailbox and there is a envelope marked with your name on it that says "OPEN IMMEDIATELY". You open it to find that is a note addressed to you that says..

Dear ____,

Surprise you are going on a dream vacation! Here are your details for the trip...
*You MUST use these airline vouchers starting this weekend 
*The trip will can last any amount of days
*You can bring anyone with you 
*Money is no option you will be give a credit card that you don't have to pay back
*Your work has already been notifies and cleared for you to take off with pay.

Start packing!

 So...where do you choose you go? 

Do you have a top 3 destinations that you would love to go to if money was no object? Share yours!
#1 Bora Bora 
#2 Italy
#3 Hawaii