Friday, November 15, 2013

2013 runDisney #WineDineHalf Meet Up

On Nov. 7,2013 I was honored to attend my first runDisney meet up during the Wine and Dine half marathon weekend.
I drove directly to EPCOT, where the meet was held, from work and after picking up my friend Kim at our hotel. As we walked through the gates we were approached with a smile from a rundisney coordinator clearing the way to a sign in table. There we were given clear bags to put our personal belongings in, a park ticket into the park, a fast pass to Test Track, and the best gift of all... The glorious runDisney shirt we've all been waiting to wear!

We ran into some other runners and introduced each other as we walked to Test Track for a group ride before we had to meet in out designated area. We all boarded our vehicles and off we went laughing hysterically and having so much fun! 

Next, we headed over to a VIP area to watch Illuminations with 125 other runners attending the meet up. As we waited for the fireworks to start we saw many of our running friends. Some of us were finally meeting for the first time after talking over Twiitter and on group pages. We took pictures together and shared stories of excitement about the event. 

It was time for the fireworks show and the night to begin. Using hashtag #WineDineHalfmeetup we all started to snap shots and tweet about the event. 

After Illuminations was over we all started to make our way to the second part of the meet up... The Food and Wine!! 

The next part of the event would be held over at the American Pavillion stage. As expected, runDisney did a fabulous job with decorating the stage, and setting the  atmosphere that night for all runners. 

Food tables were plentiful of wine, fruits, vegetables, pita, cookies, and a sampler from the Terra kiosk of a spicy vegan dish with rice, and more. Very yummy! 

As we were eating runners could mingle with each other and then stand in line to take a photo op with our pal Mickey! This is the picture that everyone always dreams of taking when you go to a meet up. You, Mickey, and the shirt!! 

As we finished our snacks our event speakers started taking the stage. Diet Diva, Faron Kelly, and our friend Jeff Galloway. Each one cracking jokes and giving us a little info about the night and how special RunDisney is... As if we didn't know it already :)

Our special speakers of the night were chefs that introduced us to a new vegan wine that premiered this year and spoke about some of the dishes and happenings at the food festival this year. 

New Balanced talked about the new design & enhancements of the 2014 runDisney shoe that is made exclusively for us Disney fanatics. The shoe will be premiering at the 2014 Walt Disney Marathon Weekend this year along with a new product, insoles made for each and every race for collectors or people like myself that may think they might be our next good luck charm during that race! 
We may or may not have seen the new shoes and insoles that night....and if we did ...well, only the mouse and me know! 

Giveaways were of course were in store that night from New Balance RunDisney shoes to the newNew Balance shoes the NYC marathon winner wore & a snazzy orange NB jacket (seen on everyone) that
my friend Kim Requa won to a free entry in to a runDisney race. Oh! How I wish I got that one, but my lovely friend Kimberly Markey one that one! 

But then the moment of the night fell upon us... IT WAS FUN RUN time!!

There were two groups. The straight run group and the wak/run group with Jeff Galloway, of course I took Jeff's group but first I had to get my picture with him again in my shirt! 

Friends and I made way over to Jeff's group and wished for "the photo op" we all dream about in the front of the line running with him, but this picture was even better!! Can ou tell by the looks on Nina's and my face that we were excited? 

Jeff did a a 20/20 2 mile run around the World Showcase which ended up meeting the other group later in the front just infront of the big ball. 
As we ran we could ask Jeff questions and he kindly responded back with answers. I will have to say that the 20/20 was not my favorite. I am not used to such short paces and frankly I didn't like it but who's to argue with a man that is an Olympian & marathoner! 

As the night ended both groups merged again into one for a big group picture. 

Then before we headed out Faron Kelly
gave a fabulous toast to all of the runners and thanked them for coming out to the event. 

Still floating in cloud 9 we all said our goodbyes, good lucks to everyone running , took some more last pictures, and made plans for more personal meet ups later.  It was a a night to remember for sure! 

Enter my wine and dine giveaway 
Below from that weekend...

(Giveaway has been removed) winner was Gregg Plonisch.. 

Until next time... See Ya Rea Soon!