Thursday, November 21, 2013

Chasing a PR on a Wed night

It had been almost 2 weeks since I ran in the 2013 runDisney's Wine and Dine Half and it seemed like forever since my feet hit that pavement. 

Since the Florida weather was stormy and it was humid outside I decided to go to the gym and hit the dreadmill in my new runDisney meet up shirt and see if  "Every mile is magical" 

With a January 10k on my horizon I wanted to train to run and beat my PR time of 1:12 which was set last March.
This is usually how my runs go and tonight was no different:
Mile 1 is always a warm up
Mile 2 is breaks my mood in
Mile 3 I hate you mile 3!!!
Mile 4 I always start to make a come back and find my groove. 
And at Mile 6... I GOT THIS!  

After running about 2 miles, the stomach kicked in & of course I had to stop, leave everything in the treadmill and take a potty break. 

Ok back on! If you know me, this drives me crazy because I like to see the numbers on the screen and see how I am doing but now I would have to do simple math and keep logging the numbers in my head~ ugh!
The first recorded time I took as a warm up and thought "ok let's try this again!" 

But then passing that 6 mile mark and setting a new PR for myself I felt great and wanted to keep going. With a little motivation from some other runners posting their mileage of the night I thought to myself "Let's see what I can do tonight?"

But of course leg cramps started to cramp my style literally and I had to start to slow down and walk the last part left of the mile that I was at.
( By the looks of my heart rate... I wasn't working for this PR was I?)

With a total of 11.78 miles in, it was a great night despite the potty stop and the leg cramps.
 I PR'd and felt great!
Now if this could happen again and I could kick that 10k's booty in January I'd be happy!