Thursday, November 14, 2013

Friendship in Many Ways

Have you ever sat and thought about friendship and all the different ways it comes in?

Recently, I had the chance to sit and think about this powerful topic and how it changes over the years from life's little experiences.

Many years ago when you were in high school didn't you think that your best friend would be there with you forever? For some lucky people that still holds true, but if you moved away or went to college most of us drifted apart from that person over time and before you know it you don't speak except for at reunions or meet ups when your in town visiting for a weekend. Tastes in things change, jealous rises from the past, and it seems that you have nothing to catch up on because you have both grown but have gone on different life paths. Some of us become parents, and that life seems to have little or no time for our single friends and we grow apart. 

Then there are the marriage friendships. These are when you marry someone and couples bring their friends into the picture. Either you hit it off or you just play nice when you get together. You do things "as couples", but they're not really the person who you would confide in or go on a solo outing with if asked because  you really don't have anything in common  with them. 

There's also the working friendships. Those are the people that you see every day and you are selective on telling certain stories to because you never know if it will be used against you or not someday. You exchange birthday gifts, go on luncheons with and gossip to about "things" but again... it all stops when you walk out the door. 

But then there are the surprise friends. They're the ones that start off as strangers but then end up to be your rock and support system. When you least expect it and think you have nothing in common with these people they become some of the best friends you will ever have. Why? These people know nothing about your past, nothing about your job, kids, family life, or the amount of money you make, they like you for just being you. You can meet them doing a hobby you both like, meet them in a public place volunteering, or maybe in a sports group. Under these circumstances you tend to forget the outside world and focusing on the moments you spend together. You tend to listen to this person's stories and share your own in return resulting in a relationship that can be supportive, fun, and sometimes uplifting. I think that because you live in the moment you both tend to be more open and and can give no-holds bar advice. 

With the world of social media the word "friendship" has a whole new meaning. It's measured as a popularity status on Facebook and not what the true meaning of friendship should be. 

True friends should be the people you can confide in. The people that you don't worry about spreading your secrets. The people that when you fall or need that extra pick me up are there by your side to lend you a hand and say it will be alright even thought that road you are traveling on is bumpy at the moment. They are the people that you share your happiest moments with and hope there will more of in he future. 

I have been very blessed to have some wonderful friends. I have belly laughed with them, shared joyous moments with, and have received words of encouragement and sent words of encouragement when times were tough medically. Whether it was a cancer diagnoises, a major surgery, a loss of loved one, or a decision that was not easy to make. We are there for each other. 

Each one of you know who you are and have a special place in my heart. I thank you for being my friend!