Monday, November 4, 2013

Race Week/Day Diet Rituals

I saw this interesting article in Runner's World and it made me think of my own race rituals during the week and on race day for races at night. 
Here is the link:

So on Saturday night I will be running in the 2013 runDisney Wine and Dine Half which means all this week I will be watching my diet and trying not eat anything that makes me dehydrated or sick 

Since I was diagnosed with Chrohn's, it has been harder to plan AND get all my nutrition in, but a few things have been on my "must have list".

1- Chicken. 
Chicken has been a huge protein factor for me and I know when I crave it, must eat it. I try to find some to eat during the day to eat for lunch if it's a night run 

2- Water, lots and lots of water. 
This is the week that I usually feel like a goldfish. I also always bring a case of water with me to share with my friends. If they are drinking it makes me drink. (Funny how that works with alcohol too!)

3- Alcohol. 
While my friend the beer has been yanked from my diet all togther, I still do not have any drinks until after a race. I can assure you that France will be one if my first stops after the Wine and Dine finish line for a Grand Marnier Orange Slush!

4- Salt. 
Chrohnies loose a lot of salt due to malabsorption and stomach issues. Drinking water hydrates but it also depletes my system of all salt. So I try to incorporate a little extra in my diet and I also keep a salt packet in my runners belt for when I feel like my hands are starting to swell during the race.

5- B12. 
I use sublinguals and just recently started I use them for energy and health... it works for me. 

6- Potassium. 
At my doctors visit last Monday we talked about this. I don't use it all the time, but again when I start getting leg cramps and have had a rough flare up week I take one a day. My doctor said that for the regular person running depending on how much they swear and train during the week a Gatorade would be plenty to replenish all of that salt and potassium but for me I need a little more (not to mention I can't have Gatorade- it's makes me sick to my stomach -and gives me acid reflux) 

7- Coconut water.
 My friend, Lena, introduced it to me to the brand ZICO after my dietician recommended I try it for vitamins, potassium, and salt all in one. It is the most natural way to rehydrate yourself and it works for me! I have tried a few different brands and when people say "Yuk! How do you drink that? I've tried it" try some different kindS and brands. Lena bought us a few to try and I like the plain one. My friend, Kim, love the chocolate one and swears it tastes like Yoo-Hoo! I run with it in my bottle and alternated a few sips of it with the water stations on the course.

8- Sugar/ Sweets.
 While it's not good to have tons of sweets, it is good to have some natural sugars.  I eat fruit and some baked items like bannna bread and maybe a few cookies with icing to keep me happy during the day. 

9- Skittles. 
Yup! You read that right. During the Disneyland 10k I died for something sweet on the course. If there was cotton candy in sight, I probably would have stole it from a baby and ran! So when I threw package of Skittles in my running belt and at every mile I popped one in before a water station. It was great! Try it... You'd be surprised how you don't get that low, tired,cranky feeling half wh through. 

10- Pasta. 
My go-to meal. Being Italian, we eat a lot of pasta and I love it. It is the best pre-race carb up meal because it is light on or stomach and yes full of carbs to throttle you to the finish line. Well, ok maybe not, but it stores in your body for some good running.  Most people if know eat t with some sort of sauce for more vitamins, I tend to just have it with a little Parmesan cheese and butter to play it safe. If you are gluten intolerant you can  usually ask for gluten-free pasta and that will help you.

What are a few of your "Must-Haves?" 

Share it in the comments so we can all read and maybe pick up a new ritual or two :)

Run Fast~ Have Fun!!