Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas ready? ...NOPE! Not even close.

It's the Friday before Christmas and am I ready? 
Since November I have been running around with my head cut off and I am not ready.
Somehow this year Christmas snuck up on me like a bad episode of Punk'd. 
Every year I am ready a few weeks prior to that weekend. I buy my gifts one at a time and hoard them in places I usually forget, I wear holiday shirts to work to get everyone on the mood, I get all of our favorite teachers gifts, I write out cards to friends,I bake, and I put decorations up at work and all over the house.
 Nope, not this year.
Last Sunday I baked for 10 hours straight and at the end of  it all I took a picture of the goods on the table and it looked like I made nothing. UGH.

Monday I went to go get my nails done and all I could think about is getting my toes to look good for WDW marathon weekend coming up in 3 weeks. 

I went to the store to buy gifts and gift cards and I swear an associate asked me a few times if I was OK or needed help, why? 'Cuz I was blank. I haven't even walked into a mall or store. The heck with pixie dust ...I need some spiked egg nog and a big Christmas slap in the head to snap me out of this.

A client of mine asked me yesterday "Did you ever I ever get  the Christmas spirit this year?" and I said "Nope!" Do I need to go to the store tonight and buy a Grinch shirt? What is the deal? I have no idea.
So on this last day of work I donned my favorite holiday shirt and thank God I will have a few days off.