Wednesday, October 30, 2013

runDisney's First #OnTheRoadToDisney Meet-Up! ATL Style

Yesterday at about 10:30am a surprise tweet fell upon RunDisney fans and runners that have always dreamed of being in a meet up. This time it wasn't part of a race weekend, it was something new! 

As the tweet went out out from @runDisney heart dropped especially if you lived in the Atlanta area because the first  #OnTheRoadToDisney Meet-Up is heading there! 

What did this mean and how long would we have to wait to hear the details? Not long. 

A few minutes later this tweet came up and people scrambled to their computer and iPhones to sign up.

This meet up was hot off the press and it filled up fast! Within minutes another tweet went out announcing it had reached capacity. 

Now the wait. I think the wait is the most brain- teasing part. You start to think "Did I type in the correct info?", "Did I send it to the right email address?", then the biggest question "Did I act fast enough and get it in before the list filled up?" All you can do is wait for the next tweet to say the list is up. 

As we all waited I texted and tweeted my friends that I knew had entered. There were nerves for all of us... fingers crossed and pixie dust their way is all we could ask for. 

And then at 5:13pm that afternoon the tweet we've been all waiting for popped up ... The attendee list. IT WAS UP! 

So many of my RunDisney friends made it in. I think for a few minutes I could feel the ground moving from the jumping up and down in Atlanta :)

Congratations to all! 

For more information or for future meet ups make sure you follow @runDisney on Twitter with the hashtag #OnTheRoadToDisney Meet-Up!