Friday, October 11, 2013

Oh what a Magic (bands) day!

Planning a vacation to Disney has never been more exciting lately and with a few enhancements it has become even more magical!

If you have not heard they are experimenting with a new system that let's you get rid of your old paper or credit card looking passes to a bracelet called a Magic Band.
The bands are state if the art and let you wear it your entire trip, yes even in the pool, and never use those flimsy cards that you end up loosing or throwing away at the end of your visit again.
The band look like a sports bracelet and you can customize it with your name, a slogan, or maybe your favorite characters name so that you and your family or friends recognize who's band is who once you take it off. Being a Disney specialist/ travel planner I chose to have my name read TRAVELGRL. You are only given 9 spaces so you have to be creative :)
It was very easy to set up. If you are traveling to Disney your travel planner can send you a invitation to set yours up if you are staying on property at one of the resorts using this system. Some resorts are still in the trial stages.  If your not using a travel planner (why aren't you?) then Disney will have to take care of that. 
It is very easy. All you need is a resort reservation and park tickets. Once you have established your package that is right for you you can begin to customize can order your bands. Go to to register and create a log in username and password to create your account that you can use forever. If you have an account already you can go directly to this link
and start creating your band. You Magic Bands are your key to the world while you are there. Dining plans, park tickets, shopping charges, and special events can all be loaded on to your card for your one stop shop. The best part is you can also add Fast Passes to your band and plan your day before you go into the parks!

A few days ago I received this email from Disney saying my Magic Bands were on their way. I was so excited! 

Then yesterday they arrived! I am sure you all heard when I opened my box...because when I opened my box angels sang "Ahhhhh!!" 

In a few weeks I will using my bands around the whole on my vacation during the Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend Nov. 8-10, 2013