Friday, October 18, 2013

NITEBEAMS Review + Giveaway

So about a week ago I laced up my new Saucony Ride 6 with my NITEBEAMS laces and went out for a run. I bought theses shoelaces at a runDisney expo last year but I never got to use them. 

Living in Florida the heat the can be brutal so 75% of the time I HAVE to go run inside at the gym on the treadmill. I am not a morning runner so afternoons on my day off or evenings after work is usually when I get to go and run. Luckily, the with the weather cooling off now and the nights getting darker, I will be enjoying some time outside to enjoy some fresh air runs. YAY! So with the cooler weather and a night race coming up in Disney I decided to lace up these babies and Go! 

As I was running the sun began to set and I stopped to turn on my laces on and continued running. "THESE ARE SO COOL!" I thought to myself..."I have to show these off!" So stopped again and snapped a picture in the road. As you can see (pictured below) the lights were so bright it was better than a flashlight leading my way. As I was running past the back of the house my son texted me "Is that you running?" I laughed and texted back "Yes! Can you see me?" He replied "RUN FASTER GRANNY" ...yup that's my cross country 17min 5k'er son for ya! I guess he can see me. 

When I got in the door I posted the picture of my new shoes with the Nitebeams all laced up onto Facebook. They were a hit! 

With less light hours in the winter season please be safe and be sure to have some sort of light and reflective gear on your body. Try to wear brightly colored shirts and avoid dark colors so that motorists can see you if you are running in parks, neighborhoods or busy streets. If you can grab a running buddy that is always better too! 

Nitebeams sell more than just laces, they have a variety of nite gear accessories such as arm bands, wrist straps, rings (which I have also used in my hair) and more.
  • They are great birthday gifts to give to other runners
  • Awesome Christmas presents for family or friends
  • Perfect for night fun runs with your running team or friends
  • Night races 
  • Halloween tick or treating safety for the whole family
  • and more
Visit them on the web:
On  Facebook: Nitebeams

Nitebeams will booth #426 at the upcoming runDisney Wine and Dine half marathon expo. When you go downstairs to the expo floor they will be all the way over to the right hand aisle.

If you haven't met them- go over and check out there products and say hi! You can't miss their booth with all the bright light products. You can tell them that you read about them here :)

 Nitebeams has been kind enough to give our blog a pair to give away. One lucky winner will be able to choose which color laces they would like to receive. As soon as a winner has been chosen we will contact you and post our winner here.

Be safe, have fun and run happy!