Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#WineDineHalf marathon meet up is a GO!

Well as I sit here and write this I am still in shock that I made it into the 2013 Wine and Dine meet up! 

I have tried 3 times now. Once for Princess in 2013, once for the Disneyland meet up in 2013 (which I really wanted), and then today! 

This race has had so many "spur of the moment" moments. I never expected to run in the Wine and Dine half. I found a bib through charity and bought it. I called it meant to be. Then I never stay at the same resort where my friends are and yes we are all together. And finally today I entered to get into the meet, not thinking I would, I got in! 

I was an amazing and fast day! Thank God because the dram between the last two meets drove me insane for days! 

As the day went on there were tweets that followed up to a surprise announcement. Lucky for me I screen shot everyone one of them so in order here was the day's activity:

This morning as I was on my way to work a little later I posted: 

Later in that morning a teaser tweet from @runDisney popped up.

I was sipping on my iced tea and just about tripped over myself when it popped up! All of sudden started to think... "Today may be the day!" I Tried to stay calm but if you know me that is an understatement. (lol) so I Re: back to them with a tweet I my own:

I tried to do my best during the day but everytime that my phone went "DING" I a panicked and looked at my phone to see if it said "@runDisney..." I texted my girlfriend Kim and Brandi asking if they were trying for the meet up and of course they al were too, we are runDisney fanatics. Here's where the story gets hilarious and yes even though it is TMI I am going to share it! 

So as some of you may or may not know my husband and I have owned a hair salon for over 18yrs. If you also don't know...being a travel agent you work on commission which means you don't book... You don't make a paycheck and when you do it may not come until that clients completes their trip which may be months. So I have worked two jobs for about 9 yrs. 

Anyways, today was a day by myself at the salon for a few hours because my husband didn't feel well and stayed home. I only had one client today and then Kim was coming to get her hair colored. Eveything seemed to be going smooth until my client walked in. I just had this feeling to watch my phone and listen to my alerts. It killed me to carry my phone around with me, but I couldn't miss another teaser! As I cut the lady's hair I heard and alert! "Oh no!" I thought to myself "I hope that wasn't from RunDisney!" I slowly walked over and pressed the button to check, "Nope nothing" I told myself and continued. As I dried her hair I hoped that I wouldn't get another alert and miss it. Ok done. Whew, I didn't miss anything. I was getting more nervous and my stupid Chrohns stomach started to kick in! I wasn't being rude but I had to use the bathroom and I needed to either stop or rush this lady out. I chose rush her out. As I was saying my goodbyes and she continued to talk I heard a double alert "Ding- Ding!" As I was saying goodbye I looked down at my phone and I saw it!!! 

"OMG! Is that it? Does that say what I think it says???" I could feel my eyes get big like I was in shock and stare at the phone. I quickly blurted out "well, I'll see you later I have to get this! I've been waiting on this email all day!" She turned and started walking to the door. I ran after her shutting the door behind her, and as I was panicking my stomach started to rumble more! "OMG, this is not the time for this for God's sake!" I yelled out loud to myself. I rushed to the front door and locked it before running to the bathroom but at the same time trying to pull up the blog post. Yup you guessed it, this was it and I picked a great place to RSVP! I mean I had all day with no problems - why must everything happen all at once for me?" 

It read: 

So as quickly as I could I sent in my email and my name to the email they listed and then panicked some more. "Did I send that to the right email? Oh no, maybe I screwed this up! Let me double check!" I thought to myself, "Nope, I think I got this!" 

As I was writing, sending, and double checking friends of mine kept calling and texting "Did you send yours in?" And "It's up!" This time I wasn't responding until I was sure I had this right. My nerves were really shot by now and "Where is Kim? She should be here by now." I figured she was either at home on the computer or on some side street emailing it in on her phone. Ps, I was right. She did pull over and do it. As she pulled up and ran in we started to tell out stories and what just happened. It was so funny mine a little more. She pulled over to enter it.. Well, I entered mine in a very unusual place that probably no one else has admitted to. 

Now was the 3hr wait until 5pm. At hat time they would be posting the names of the attendees that made it. 
3:00 came ... I started to do her hair
4:09 came and I was almost finished
5:00 came and we were still waiting togther and there was no list up online yet. 

We wanted to find out together but this didn't look like it was going to turn out that way. So at 5:15 we headed out the door for the night. We got in our cars and started driving and of course, what happens? I got a text that said the list was up! 

Carefully glancing at the list on the teamrundisney group site I saw Kim's name immediately but not mine. I think I actually teared up for a min. I scrolled 2x thinking "This can't be. I entered at 2:02pm 2 minutes after it posted!" Finally I saw it. The list was not in alphabetical order and it messed with us all. 
The list: 

As I drove down the highway I called Kim who was infront of me "Did u see the list?" I yelled? I have no ideas what she rambled back about 3-4x but in the end she was so excited she basically said yes! 

We both made it!!
I just can't believe it. 

Well, now waiting for my confirmation email is the next hair raising expierence so until then... 

Congratulations to everyone who made the list & to everyone who didn't... Don't worry your time will come and when it does it will be truely magical like ours!