Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Favorite #runDisney Race ~ What's yours?

A few days ago on Twitter there was a post from @runDisney ...

And it got me thinking about my Disney races. 
It wasn't until 5 years ago that I started to run. I set off on a trial run with my friend Kim to see if I even liked it. I gave myself 30 days to see if I liked it or not and well... I guess you all know what that outcome was :)

Each race I run holds a different place in my heart. Some were harder to achieve than others and others were truely magical!

My very first race was the Princess and the Frog Family 5k in Disney. It was so fun but I knew nothing about running. Matter of fact I look back at my picture and think "What was I wearing?" I went out to have fun and it certainly held up to my expectations!

The next race was a little harder as I returned to Disney and conquered Expedition Everest teaming up as "Running Mamas" with Kim. 

Soon after I raised the bar to run my first half marathon during Marathon Weekend. This was Donald's anniversary year so I went for it. This was going to be tough and it was! I teared up when the fireworks went off at the start, I took pictures along the route, and learned some new things still considering myself a new runner. I learned what "hitting the wall" meant, I learned what fuel was, and I learned that I had to pace myself while at the same time trying to keep a my sanity! When that finish line came I cried like a baby because "I did it!"

By the time the Princess Half marathon came around I was struggling with some health issues. My knee was hurting, my heart kept racing during my practice runs, and then I hyperventilated on the course right around mile 10. Even after my throat started to close up and I was gasping for air  I could not quit this race it get swept. I was so close. This wasn't my best nor my favorite race but I always wanted to do it and again I conquered it. I might not have had a smile at the end buy I did it!  (My highlight for that expo was finally meeting Jeff Galloway)

Tower of Terror 10 miler was a new race in 2012 and with that I decided to do it. The mileage was do-able and with the summer weather being hot still I was hoping that a night time race was going to be cool! Training in Florida I definately had an advantage because even thiough it was hot.. I was used to it and had to come up with ways to get myself to the finish line. Pouring water over me at ever rest stop and keeping hydrated was the key. It wasn't my favorite course but it did fine. 

Skip forward to August of 2013 when I was crazy enough to have signed up for the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge. This was a back to back race. 6.2 miles on Saturday and then 13.1 on Sunday. WOA! But this had an extra perk for me... getting my Coast to Coast medal in addition to the other 3 medals. 
This trip was going to be an adventure and a trip of a lifetime. I had never been to California let alone my dream of going to Disneyland was about to come true. Being there in a whole new world made the weekend the most magical weekend I had ever had. Meeting friends I had talked to on Twitter and in our group Team #rundisney made it even more special 

These courses were my favorites. Winding through the streets of Anaheim, following the path in Disneyland that Walt built, seeing the new theme park California Adventure, and running through Angels Stadium was awesome! I felt at a few points in the race that I was the only one on the course and that I could just fly! Running through the finish line alongside my friends Kim, Lena, Brandi, and Jen was GREAT! I had NEVER in all my life felt happy and so smiley at a finish line! While I thought my toes were broken and bleeding, I didn't seem to care for those moments after I finished.  

The picture we took at the finish line should be the new billboard on runDisney because this is what "Every Mile is Magical" looks like! 

So I want to hear from you in the comments below:

What is our favorite runDisney race? And Why?

Was it the course, a new distance/race, or was it the running friends that made the experience special?