Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A surprise charity leads me to run the Wine and Dine Half!

There is only 30 days until the fireworks go off and I run through the start line of runDisney's Wine and Dine half marathon.

The race had sold out before I was able to sign up for it.  My plan was to sign up for it at the Disneyland expo that I was going to in a few weeks. If I signed up at the expo I could possibly get a sign up gift or goodie, but that fell short of a dream. I was a little sad, but with all hopes of signing up next year since it was the 5th anniversary I let it go and forgot about it.

After returning from my big trip to Disneyland to run in runDisney's Dumbo Double Dare Challenge I started to get the itch to run again. You see running Disney races is like a "virus". I've said it in the past and I'll say it again... Once you run Disney you have caught the bug, but this time is was BAD! 

Once I got home and realized I had not spent all of my budget for Disneyland I started to think of the races I had on my wish list. There were a lot but I just wasn't sure and I couldn't make up my mind. (Like that's surprising!) 

It wasn't until one night at a fun run someone asked me I ever signed up for the Wine and Dine. I replied "No" and then remembered that a month before Disneyland someone had posted on Facebook that a friend of hers had bibs left for a charity she was organizing. She gave me the contact info for a girl named Erin. I emailed Erin and asked her if she had any left and she quickly emailed me back with the answer "Yes I still have some available race registrations left". I said to myself "Whaaaaat?" and immediately emailed and texted some of my other friends that wanted to run but missed the registration deadline too! I just had this conversation with a few of my friends within the past few days. Was this meant to be?

Some of my friends unfortunately couldn't run it and some jumped on it like it was Christmas!  
(This was better than the gifts I get at Christmas in can tell you that!)

We were constantly in touch with Erin and I have to say the process was as smooth if not smoother than some of the other races that I have registered for. 

So thanks to Erin, I am running in the 2013 runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon on Saturday Nov 9, 2103 at 10:00pm ~ YAY!!!

I ask you to support her charity in her late fiancĂ© Christopher DeRemer's name that supports military families. 
Please go to this site below and read about her charity and if you can donate please do. Any donation would be greatly appreciated~ $10,$15, $25 or more. 

As a thank you from Erin I am able to revieve this cute medal once I meet one of the donation goal levels. It goes perfect with the theme of the race :) 

And as a special thank you for donating to this cause I am giving away a surprise Disney/ runner grab bag to one random  donator.  (Keyword is surprise but "NUUN" of it will disappoint you. It may just be "music to your ears" and more)

*Giveaway ends Oct 21, 2013
*One name will be drawn and the winner will be announced via Travel Girl on the run's Facebook page