Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sole Sunday and Sole Friends

On Thursday, both my husband and I had a slow day at job #1 so we left work early, went to grab some sandwiches for lunch, and headed off to the gym for a bit.
 We were going to make it a short day. I posted a tweet about being indecisive of what I should do at the gym that day to some of my "tweeps" wondering if they would get the message for a response. They all told me to run except for Ashley who told me to do both. Maybe I would? But I decided to first run on the ARC (I don't know what it stands for???) I just call it a glider. 
At first, I wasn't feeling it but then my protein, carbs, and I don't know what else must have kicked in because I had a really good workout going! Then he did it... My husband walked over to me and wanted to go. He was tired. So I got off and went home wishing I had my own car that day so I could have stayed on. I was having such a good day :(  but I know that if I wasn't feeling it that I would want him to leave too.
Yesterday we went again... But I just wasn't feeling it this time. There wasn't any joy of running in me. I had to take a few bathroom breaks because of this damn thing called Chrohns, I tried the new Spotify app. for new music (hated iiiiit!), and then ended up getting off of the treadmill to go do some weight training after  mile 4 of mostly walking and little running-  It wasn't a fun day!

This morning as I was laying in bed and I turned to Twitter and Facebook. I scrolled through my news feeds and tweets as my house was still quiet and drama-free of teenagers. I love hearing the race day jitters, post race news, and pictures. Even though you may not be there with your friends, you can still support & cheer them from afar. No matter what their time... they started and finished!
There are so many of these wonderful people that do just that! Tweeting encouragement, posting positive messages, and looking out for each other is what makes me feel blessed to know these people. 
While I have only one SOLE SISTER, Kim,  I know I have many SOLE FRIENDS!

Thank you to my Tweeps that keep always it real! 
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