Thursday, July 25, 2013

A MUST stop at Goofy's Candy Shop!

Whenever my race weekend or family vacation is over, Oh heck! Whenever I go past Downtown Disney in Florida, there is only ONE thing left to do before I have to get in the car and come home....



If you have not eaten these...
 you are missing out on some OMG happiness!

No really, you don't understand how awesome these are. You can pick them out from the cases or you can make a custom one of your own.They are the HUGE Granny smith apples, covered in caramel,then dipped in white chocolate (my favorite) or milk chocolate, then decorated with whatever you'd like. Sprinkles, nuts, and sugar crystals are just some of the items they use to decorate the apples with. The last time I was there they decorated the apples as Goofy, Chestire Cat, Mike from Monsters Inc, Mickey and Minnie.

The most awesome part is now there is a Bakery in the new Fantasyland's Big Top Souvenirs so now I can be in love twice!

The price of the apples vary but they usually average about $9.99. Unfortunately, the apples are not considered a snack under the  snack options if you have the dining plan, but the mostly of the other items in the bakery do. So if you have any snack points left...use them there.
Recently, I found out that there is a bakery in Downtown Disney, Disneyland....yes you guessed it! I WILL BE STOPPING THERE for my celebration apple ;-)

Not only does the bakery have apples, they have Rice Crispy treats, fudge, cake pops, marshmallows on a stick, pretzels,cupcakes, and lots of more yummy stuff. 
If you are looking for a take home gift... trust me something from the bakery (especially the apples) will be better than a t-shirt that doesn't fit or a antenna topper that will fly away on your first trip- lol.