Saturday, July 20, 2013

Restarting my Dumbo training w/40 days to go!

12 weeks ago I started training for the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge, hosted by rundisney, to be held in Disneyland, California. A 10k (6.2 miles) on Saturday followed by a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) on Sunday for a total of 19.3 miles over a weekend and my added Coast to Coast medal for doing a race in WDW and in Disneyland all in one calendar year. My goal was to PR in both races, especially the half, and I was feeling great. 

Unfortunately, 2 weeks later I had emergency surgery and that plan all came to a halt. While recovering I wished with all my heart that I would be able to run this race still. It was a race I had been dreaming of since the day it was announced around December, but running had to wait for me to heal. 

For July the 4th of July week my family and I went to Walt Disney World for our summer vacation. I had been starting to feel better & pretty much back to normal but with some limitations still. Since we were staying at the Yacht Club that was on the boardwalk I decided that if the conditions were right I would attempt my first run/walk. 
Well, I did. It was a foggy and humid day but I was feeling pretty excited about doing this. My son went out running before me and I followed. That morning I did 3 fast run/walk miles in the off/on rain and it felt great! 

This past Monday I ran another 3.8 miles with the best running buddy a girl could have. I freaked out for a little bit before we started to run. I guess I was jut scared of being out of my element and the "what ifs" taunted my mind. But again, I did it! 
Last night I attempted the treadmill... This is how it went LOL:

I wanted to see what my time/pace would be for the 10k if it were today...Worst case scenario. 

It was tough  and I think my atrophied legs took a real beating because I felt every muscle from my waste down working. At first I was feeling great, then, tired, then very sore as I ran. The last 3 miles seemed so long. I tried to find some music to get me through but that just didn't seem to work. I decided to just say the heck with it and walk then next mile but as fast as I could. As I looked up and saw the 5 pop up. I envisioned the finish line at Disneyland like I always had in my previous trainings. Now, I had less than a half mile to go. Raising the volume of my earbuds to one of my favorite songs... I went for it and did it! 

My time wasn't the best, but it was a new start to my training and my new path leading me towards my medals waiting for me at Disneyland in 40 days!