Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm in running heaven to OH! NO YOU'RE NOT!!

Last week I didn't have such a great run week and quite frankly I was a little cranky too for some reason so I decided to rest for a few days.
Yesterday was my day off from work and with less than 4 weeks to my next race I decided to go school shopping with my daughter and then head to the gym once she went to work at night (the boys could fend for themselves that night).
I hopped on the ARC for a little bit but then I felt like running instead... 

I hadn't done intervals since the Princess half marathon. I'm really not a fan of them but since I had not done a lot of long running I figured that might actually get me to the finish line a little happier. I saw some runner use 30/30 and he looked pretty happy at he finish line?? I have always used 1:1 or 2:1 but that wasn't going to happen! I can not run that long since m surgery so I decided to try 30/30 like he did. It was good but way to short for me so I changed it to 40/40 & I think that was the magic number for me!
If you follow me on Twitter : @TRVLGRL25 you'll sometimes see some funny posts while I am at the gym. This night was full of funny tweets and Facebook posts!

You see, my husband has a chemical sensitivity- which means he can't be around chemicals, fragrances, and can not wear or be around cologne or perfumes. Last night as I was on the treadmill 2,younger than me, men decided to run along side of me. One on either side. As I was running and I had my music blaring in my ears the smell of cologne quickly hypnotized me!! OMG this was more than fabulous- these guys smelled goooooood! :)

Of course, I picked up my phone, tweeting and posting this on Facebook! 

These two guys never ran... Thy just kept walking and walking but I did not care because as long as they were next to me I was running fast! No really! 
With awesome music in my ears and the lovely smell of cologne surrounding me I looked to my guy stopped and walked away!!!  Oh no! Man down ~man down! That's ok! As long as this other one stayed I'd be happy! 
Somehow with all this excitement I realized that my interval timer stopped working. Ah! That's ok too! I was still making great time!
Then it happened!! 
Every time that I want a certain treadmill in the gym it has no cable, no power, or stops on me. I have been known to be the "cable girl", getting on my hands and knees to connect the cables back together so I could run. 
When I looked to my right there were too kids that work there connecting and disconnecting cables and fixing treadmills. I had stopped watching... Until they came over to my treadmill along side of cologne man. Still in my glory and running at a speed I had never run at before they touched one of my treadmill buttons! 
Have you ever seen an angry Italian woman? Well, they did! 

All of a sudden, I ripped out my ear buds and yelled "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY MACHINE!" Then pointing at the last mile counting down of my 10k I "waved the finger" ☝ and said with my Jersey/Italian attitude "There is no way in hell that you are getting me off of this machine until I am ready and I have run this last mile out! I am having the best run today and I am not getting off until I am done- you will have to wait!" I kind of felt bad after because I did go a little ape shit on them... But in a nice way I tell ya! 
The kids looked at me with eyes wide opened and said "We just wanted to check if you had volume" to that I replying psychotically "Oh! Is that all you want? Sure! Let me check it for ya!" 
With less than a mile for me to go on my 10k I plugged back in and finished the race, I mean the run :) The timer stopped and it was time to see how I did. I was so  ecstatic! This was my best time ever! 
 Not only did I kick ass on that treadmill, I felt like I kicked Chrohn's ass that day too! It was the first time in a while I had not gotten sick before or during a run and it was the first time since my surgery that I could run like that! YAY!

Cologne boy got off of his treadmill after I left mine, but some how he sparked a question in my head...

"What if every runner you followed behind wore your favorite cologne or perfume~ Would it make you run faster?" :)