Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to my husband!

On August 13, 1968,in Providence, RI someone who would later become my husband, was born. His name is David, but to us he holds alot of other names.
  • Son
  • Dad
  • Brother
  • (Pain in the ass)
  • and yes, my Davey

Growing up as a kid he was rambunctious and always on the move. His mom  always tells the story that they had to buy him steel toed shoes because he would wear the hell out of them playing outside on his bike going way too fast, so they tried heavy duty shoes...but that didn't keep him from slowing down either.

Later, as a late teen he worked in a dance club where he earned the name Diamond Dave for his flashy 80's jewelry (which he still wore when we met-lol)  He and his friends were always up to something. There were no cell phones or cable TV to sit home and watch, just the outdoors where they gallivanted for hours into the night with always 2 things in mind....fun and food!

In 1993, I moved to Florida from New Jersey and there I met Dave. He had been in Florida for just a few years before that. It wasn't a romantic meeting in any way, in fact probably the opposite. Think about this, what does an Italian guy from Providence and an Italian girl from Jersey make? YUP! You guessed it...2 BIG ATTITUDES :-D but somehow it worked.

Maybe it was because we were the only 2 (it seemed) normal people in our town? Maybe it was because we were both Italian with the same values and upbringing, or maybe it was because God had a plan all along to put us in this God forsaken place called Charlotte County for a reason?

In 1995, Dave opened up a hair salon called David Michaels', which is still open today. I was on maternity, resting at home, and 9 months pregnant with our first child, Gina. Yes, when he asked me to go to work I went. That was not what I wanted to do but I did it. It paid the bills and it gave us some flexibility with raising our family. 2 and a half years later I had had our son, Christian, and we deciding to move into a new home soon.

In 2002 we started to build our dream house that ended up to be anything but a dream house. You see, it took us 19 months to build that house because of numerous delays and a storm called Hurricane Charley.
Hurricane Charley came in on August 13, 2004 yes, Dave's birthday! What was supposed to be a great birthday with family coming into town but it ended up to being barricaded in the bathroom together and watching the town, our dream home under construction, and our family business of 11yrs be blown away. But we survived, rebuilt, and became closer as a family because of it.

Every year since then my poor husband has to hear on the radio and relive videos of that horrible day on is his birthday. so this year he is goin to be celebrating back in RI at Patriots stadium watching the New England Patriots play the Tampa Bay Bucs in a scrimmage. Ironic that he had to to go RI to see Tampa play??

So far in the past few days Dave has sent me numerous picks of him and my son on his birthday vacation. Most of them are of food, food, and more food from bagels to lobster to subs that we don't get here. I am glad that he can enjoy himself on his birthday this year because your birthday should be all about you... not a bad remembrance day. I think on your birthday you should be be able to take off from work and do whatever you feel like doing not what everyone else wants to do. Your birthday was the day that God decided to bring you into the world. That alone should be a reason to celebrate your past, your present, and to dream about your future.

 On this day I would like to send out a special birthday wish to my Davey...
 I love ya & I wouldn't of had it any other way! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!