Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's in your mix? Oh WOW! cool tunes!

Funny how things spark a a topic. 
Today I was riding in the car with my daughter and still not attempting to drive after my surgery we were browsing through the tunes on the radio when I came along one of my favorite running songs on my playlist. It took me back to the first time I heard it on Pandora.

 I was training for my first half marathon. While my daughter had hours of softball practice for high school EVERY night during the week for months, I would run the track. Sometimes it was hot out sometimes cold. Weather in Florida during the winter can be unpredictable. My favorite time of the year was when it was so cold out at night and the smell of a fire burned in the air. The sky was so black that the stars looked like shiny diamonds sparkling back at me. It was beautiful!

Running around that track was my therapy from a long day of clients, chauffeuring kids, phone calls, and the news of the crazy world we live in. I would change into my running clothes in the school bathroom, grab my water bottle, and plug myself in to some good tunes and RUN!

I love how a good song can make your run so fun! The rhythm of the song, the words, maybe even the meaning of it. 

If a criminal stole my iPhone and the cops said "Give it back to the person in the line up that matched the songs in the playlists" would never guess me! LOL. 

Don't judge me but I am about to share my TOP 20 LIST of favorites. ( in no favorite order & yes I went over)

  1. Bon Jovi (Wanted Dead or Alive)
  2. Flo Rida  (5,4,3,2,1)
  3. The Pussycat dolls (Don't Cha)
  4. Ester Dean (Take you to Rio)
  5. A.R. Rahman & Pussycat Dolls feat. Nicole Scherzinger  (Jai Ho!- You are my Destiny)
  6. Bon Jovi (Story of My Life)
  7. Flo Rida (Who Dat Girl feat. Akon)
  8. Wham! (I'm your man)
  9. Toni Basil  (Mickey)
  10. Bon Jovi  (This is Our House)
  11. Nelly  (#1)
  12. Carrie Underwood (Just a Dream) 
  13. Kelly Clarkson (Catch my Breath) 
  14. Keith Urban  (Put you in a song)
  15. Martina Bride (Ride)
  16. Poison (Nothing but a good time)
  17. Murphy Lee, Nelly, & P.Diddy (Skake Ya Tailfeather)
  18. Pitbull (Krazy)
  19. DJ Laz  feat. Flo Rida & Casely ( Move Shake Drop)
  20. Jennifer Lopez (Let's get loud)
  21. Bruno Mars (Treasure)
  22. Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull  (Live it Up)
So what's on your playlists? Would we be surprised by your top favorites?
Share them with us below in the comments and Go Run!