Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Do you have the Disney Spirit? Running is character

When it comes to running Disney races the first question is "When does registration open?"
The second is usually "What am I going to run as?" 
Just recently did I catch the bug to dress in costume. It was fun to be creative & to see others be so creative too. Some outfits were to the extreme that I had no idea how they could run in them. Others, were made so stylish and simple. 

The girls at Team Sparkle have been very createful in putting some fabulous running outfits together using their fashion sense & their products. 

Check out their website (info below) and when ordering tell them that you found out about them on the  "Travel Girl on the Run blog".  

If you are going to the 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon in California they will be at the expo to help you put a last minute Disney inspired outfit together ~ Yay! 
They will have skirts and other accessories such as the new visors and race legs. Let them help you put it all together if you need their creative skills. 

Twitter: @runTeamSparkle (will be changing to @SparkleAthletic).  
Facebook: Team Sparkle 

I think a lot of dressing up has to do with the runner's personality & the race. Running in a costume isn't easy, but it can be if you are are crafty & have a lot of.... well ...let's just say...Character!
When thinking of your outfits do you stay with the race theme? Or do you venture out of the box and try to be different?
Are you girly & and you love princesses?
Are you sporty and worry more about the distance & PR'ing in this outfit?
Are you fun & just want to go all out crazy?
Or are you simple & a Team sparkle skirt will do just fine?

Dressing up doesn't always have to be in Character it can be in team colors and team names on them like Kim and I did for our first race Expedition Everest. then for the Tower of Terror 10 miler we tried to jazz it up just a little more with the Halloween theme.. Disney style! This was my best outfit so far!

When I ran during the Princess HalfMarathon weekend all I could think about was finally being able to dress as a princess with a tiara and the whole get up. I decided Cinderella would be it. I watched the movie for details. I looked at some pictures that other runners had posted then crafted away.

 I bought my tiara, I bought my white running skirt, white elbow gloves, and then my blue tank top. 
I crafted it up perfectly but then when the day came to try it on (luckily a few weeks before the race) I got it on and it was too tight & puckered. OH NO! ... and that wasn't even the worse part. I couldn't get it off! With my hands up in the air and holding my breath- I started to panic. I felt like Houdini trying to magically figure out a way to get it off.  I was wiggling like a fish out of water and I almost considered getting the scissors. It wasn't a pretty sight. I tried to alter it but no..my beautiful Cinderella out fit would not be seeing the ball after all. 
So plan B Cinderella came to be. 

Now with the Disneyland Half marathon and the Dumbo Double Dare coming in a few months I have been thinking of what I want to dress as. Should I go comfortable or Go all out? I have a few ideas but you'll just have to wait and see what comes about. I need 2 outfits. One for the 10k and one for the half marathon. Maybe even one IF I get into the runDisney meet up (cross fingers)

Once you start that race in your running costume the "Disney spirit" sometimes takes over and somehow weather, distance, and all other things go out the window. It''s about having fun, laughing with your friends that came to run with you, and having a "who's cares" kind of time.

I call it the Disney spirit. What would you call it?

Check out some of my Disney Gals that have run in costume and have definitely have the Disney Spirit!
  (maybe we have it a little too much)

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