Thursday, June 13, 2013

In the Spirit of the Marathon 2 ~ Why do you run?

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Why do you run?
 So last night I ventured out of the house and went to the movies with my friend Kim. It wasnt to see a chic flick or comedy, it was to watch a documentary/movie on our running obsession, The Spirit of the Marathon 2.
While I had seen the first SOTM, Kim had not. She was very lucky because SOTM 2 was way better in so many aspects. The scenery was taken in Rome, Italy and highlighted 7 runners and their story of how and why they ran the Rome marathon. Each persons's life's journey was highlighted that led them to this race.

Do you remember your first big race?

When I started running it was for fun and to see if I could even run a 5k. I conquered it and the obsession began. I ran more and more 5ks until I set my eyes on the half marathon prize medal. My first half marathon was in 2012 at the Walt Disney World marathon weekend. I ran during an anniversary year of the Donald half marathon. Along the way I had to learn about my diet, I had a knee injury, and my family kept saying I was not ready and that I was going to kill myself and die. 
Well, I ran that race and I finished. I cried when I crossed that finish line and the volunteer handing me my medal said "You did it!" and I did! To wear that medal felt great! 
I ran more races after that trying to get better times and beat my PR. 5k's, 10k's, a relay half marathon, and in 2013 another half again at Walt Disney World but this time during the Princess half weekend. 
The meaning of running has now changed to me. While I still do it for the fun & the bling at the end... I do it for me! I do it to stay healthy, I do it as a hobby, and I do it most of all to give myself another challenge!
I know that right now I am unable to run due to my surgery but, in my dreams I run every night. I dream about running in my next race, running for those who can't anymore, running for those who never did have that opportunity to ever run. 
I know my recovery has to be at a slow and steady pace right now... But once I am able to run again I know it will be different. I will enjoy the air around me & the sites that are infront of me. I hope that day will come soon :) 
 Every one has a story.
Everyone has trials and tribulations.
Everyone runs for different reasons.
What is yours? 
 Let's hear it...

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