Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fabulous Find #2 Stridebox

So a few weeks ago I saw a bunch of re-tweets floating around on Twitter about a  product called "Stridebox". Immediately, I looked at their website and learned about this fabulous find! Stridebox is a monthly subscription to a box full of running products that is delivered by mail to your front door.  

 For a small fee (I chose the $15 a month plan)  the Stridebox is filled with different goodies each month from various energy gel, food companies, clothiers, and even some new on the market products. Every month will be a new surprise

The products come in a recycled cardboard box and it is carefully wrapped on the inside ... just like a Christmas present. Inside you will find a card that has the products' information and names listed of all of the contributors that month.
In the past there have been products from companies such as NUUN, Clif, KT tape, Energybits, Honey Stinger, Klitch, Jelly Belly, and more. 

It's is well worth the money, considering that you get to share the products with your friends and try new products for a fraction of the cost... It's almost free! 

Check out their website: