Thursday, April 4, 2013

Looking for a few good local CHARLOTTE COUNTY MOMS!

That's right...if you live in Charlotte County Florida or maybe the next county over, or well maybe 2 counties over and you want to meet some FUN girls that also happen to be MOMS ~ then this is the MRTT Chapter (Moms Run This Town) for you!
A few months ago my friend Kim Requa & I talked about starting our own local running group of women that wanted to get out and have some fun together. We wanted to meet some new faces and we wanted the group to have variety. She women come in all different heights, strengths, personalities, and yes running abilities. No, our group is not all about Pr'ing, but it is awesome when we do, and No,it's not all about how much we ran this week and how far we went. It's about having someone there to say hi to when the day wasn't so great. It's about having a buddy to run with when you just didn't want to run the streets alone, and its about trying to things and making new friends that on a normal day you might have not known because they were older or younger than you.
As moms, we have a lot of different hats to wear and I think...well I know, that only moms understand what it's like to just want to talk to someone who knows you for you. Not as Jimmy's mom, or the team mom, or the PTO mom.This is why we started this group. To support each other and to understand that we too have a name, we too have goals, and we too want to be healthy & fit.
So if you are that woman or mom that wants to venture out and meet some new faces in our area.... we invite you to join our group that includes a few crazed Disney runners & some fun :-)

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