Friday, April 4, 2014

BeeCause Charm Giveaway

So a few weeks ago I made a joke about my new Brooks sneakers being "Smurfy". I wasn't too crazy on the blue but that's what I ended up with due to inventory and with a big half coming up I couldn't afford to wait any more. So I brought them home and stared at these in your face baby boy looking things.

You see, I like bright and bold. Rhinestones, sparkles, bright lights, neon, and BLING!
A few years ago at a runDisney expo I saw them, but instead of buying one I passed and regretted it. As a thank you from a friend, I received my first BeeCause charm for being a Girls on the Run coach ...and the addiction started.
If it was up to me I would be weighted down with tons of these all over my running shoes, but I had to come up with a way to combine races and themes to make these my lucky charms so this is what I did.
One shoe is for my causes/sports and one shoe is for my races. This is what I have so far and the meaning of them:
Pink Pirate: Tampa Gasparilla half and also running as a pirate with my best running friends in the Minnie 10k at WDW
(also given to me by my favorite pirate)
13.1 My first half was Donald, and the color for the Donald is blue. Since then I've completed Donald 2x
Powered by Pixie Dust: that one was my second one ...of course it stands for running at WDW and I always need a little pixie dust for luck on a race day.
DDD 19.3: My first back to back race challenge Disneyland's Dumbo Double Dare
(a 10k on Saturday then 13.1 on Sunday)
Wine and Dine: still my favorite race at WDW, my first half I ran by myself, and a PR.
(best race weekend ever)
Girls on the Run: my first charm and given to me as a gift for coaching
(thank you Susan)
NY Yankees: Why,Yes I'm a Yankees fan!
Patriots: Um, Yes I'm from Jersey... but I like the Pats
CC Mom: Cross Country mom... That one's for my bionic/ fast son who says to me every time I say I PR  "Um mom, you'll still never beat me!" (UGH 16 yr olds!)
Team Challenge: on Mother's Day of 2104 I had emergency surgery and found out that I had Crohns disease. It was a tough recovery, but being determined I ran DDD less than 4 months from that day. Someday I will run for this charity but for now it reminds me that every day is a gift from God and every race is a huge accomplishment!
PS. My pink laces are from my last run- a breast cancer 5k.
So do I have any others coming soon?
 Yes! I will be receiving a custom Iron Girl half (which I will be put on once I finish that race next Sunday) and a custom Fit2Run since I am a very proud ambassador of the Estero, Fl store.
 Shh. there might be a green ribbon also coming for my dad who is a liver transplant survivor. (Dad, you didn't read that!)
So it's giveaway time!!!
Our Friends at BeeCause Charms have graciously given us 1 charm to give away to 2 lucky readers.. and yes you can choose which one you want if you win!
 (enter below~ giveaway ends 4/13/14 and the winner be posted here)
Good Luck to everyone!
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