Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Don't walk, but RUN on over to The Foot Landing

A few months ago, in August, I went to a training meeting to be a GOTR coach (Girls on the Run).  Before we started the training we all went around the room and introduced ourselves. I of course, introduced myself as a mom of 2 teens, active school volunteer, PTO board member for 12 yrs, and a crazy Run Disney fanatic runner.
Next, was the the girl next to me, Sherri Lennon. I knew she was a fellow Zoomers runner from our local running club but nothing more. What Sherri announced next is what made fireworks go off in our head!! She told us that she was opening a running store here in town soon called The Foot Landing. This was going to be great for all of us runners and our community. You see, the nearest store to buy true running shoes is about 45- 60 min away and even at that you are really on your own to figure out what kind of shoe is good for you.

The time to opening day grew closer and after months of anticipation... it was finally ribbon cutting day ~ YAY! 

The store was welcomed in by fellow friends, runners, and business-well wishers. There was food,drinks, & music to celebrate the opening. Where is it located you ask?  It's located at 117 Herald Court Suite 1112 in the downtown historic district in Punta Gorda. Florida.(click here for directions) If you drive down 41 North look to your left for the brick 2 story building and you will see it before you get to Marion Ave. The store is bright and cheery, just like the attitudes of Sherri, her husband Ralph, and fellow employees Sherry LaBree and Tina Ice. The store carries Brooks, New Balance, Mizuno, Saucony, Asics, and more. They have GU products, clothing, sandals, orthotics, and much more to come in the future. 

A field trip to the store...
So with weeks until my friend and I, Kim Requa, are to run in Disney's Princess Half Marathon on February 24,2013 we headed to The Foot Landing to get sized for some new running shoes and boy did we need them! The girls at the store mentioned to us that at about 300 miles you should think of retiring your shoes. We won't even mention how many miles we had on ours...lets just say that we trained for a half marathon a year ago, ran a 10 miler in September, and a few 5k's in between. No, we didn't need new running shoes did we?! 
Kim went first. Sherri, the store owner helped her first. Sherri knew just the right shoe to put Kim in with her flat feet. After a run on the treadmill, trying some other shoes on just for beauty....She bought a new Pair of Brooks Adrenaline, the one's Sherri recommended.
I went next but Sherry La Bree helped me.You see, I am a pain in the___. Yes,You can fill in the word-lol. I have small ankles with a wider toe span. I stand on my feet all day and I was looking for the impossible comfy shoe everyone dreams about running in. I tried on about 5 different shoes, ran on the treadmill, and after all that Sherry recommended keeping my newly bought Sauconys that I actually liked,but putting some orthotics in them. Well, what do you know~ It worked! 

As we left the store I felt so bad. I must have driven them crazy! They certainly did give us service along with alot of running knowledge...with a smile! Check out the store on Facebook

On a SPECIAL side note~ 
 I would like to wish Sherry LaBree a special Disney send off as she runs the Goofy Challenge in Walt Disney World this weekend. On Saturday she will running the Donald, which is a half marathon and then on Sunday The 20th anniversary year of the Mickey Marathon, which is a full marathon. By doing both races this becomes the Goofy Challenge. By the end of all of the races she will have earned herself 3 shiny new medals to call her own! ( a picture of the medals are below)
Good Luck Sherry..You sure are Goofy to be doing it ;-)