Thursday, December 13, 2012

12.12.12 Concert, Bon Jovi, & New Jersey...perfect together!

Last night the most historical bands from around the world, comedians, and rockers from New York & New Jersey came together to support the relief efforts of hurricane Sandy in the 12.12.12 concert and it was AWESOME!
Every artist put on a great show but the highlight on the night had to be the Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen & the E Street band opening up the concert along with his fellow New Jerseyian, Jon Bon Jovi. When you think of New Jersey what comes to mind? Those 2 bands why of course and the Jersey shore!
 Watch as the beautiful blue eyed rocker talk about his home states destruction..

Growing up in New Jersey brings back great memories. Fairs, lightning bugs, bagels, great bakeries, pizza, and the Jersey Shore. Last night celebrities such as Jon Stewart, Brian Williams, and Jimmy Fallon amongst others reminisced about their memories of going down to the "shore" with their families and vacationing on Sea Bright Beach, Long Beach Island, & Seaside Heights Beach before there was a "Jersey Shore" TV show. The beaches opened on Memorial Day and closed on Labor Day weekend, the busiest weekends of the year where at any time you could go there and experience good clean fun! The boardwalk smelled of cheese steaks, pizza,and funnel cakes. As you walked down the boardwalk is was inevitable that one of your friends not looking where they were walking would trip on an uneven plank coming up and everyone would laugh out loud literally. The sounds of the carnival games going off and music filled the air..AH, what memories! 
But now it is time to Restore the Shore and bring new memories to our future families and last night's concert was the start.  Go to where you can still help the New York and New Jersey Sandy victims who still DO NOT have power, water, or a home. Unlike where I live now, Florida, New Jersey homes are not built to stand hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms such as this. Rebuilding will take a long time. It will take not just muscle strength to rebuild...It will be mentally draining, and yes hard on the families. I know, I went through Hurricane Charley on August 13, 2004. It destroyed my business, my children's schools, and partially our home we were building at the time. Going through something like that is a shock. There is no preparation for what you are about to endure over months..but it makes you appreciate the little things and you understand how important it is to give back to others that have given to you in hard times.
If you are not able to donate monetary donations...feel free to contact me and I can give you names of shelters, churches, and firehouses that you can send blankets, toiletries, or maybe just a warm sweater.