Monday, March 22, 2010

We did it!

After going from the couch to the pavement in just 60 days...WE DID IT! My friend Kim and I ran "The Royal Family 5k" in Disney World, Florida on March 6, 2010.
The worst part was the cold weather (in the 40's) and early wake up time. For me it must have been the excitement because I don't know how I woke up at 4:45 AM that is!! Time to get on th bus by 5:45 and over to EPCOT no later than 6:15am.
Shot gun was at 7am prompt and off we went! We did it beating our best time by 10 min. to give a round about at 35 min. Whew!
Along the way we were greeted by characters ans volunteers that cheered us on. Seeing EPCOT with no one else but runners was so great and so refreshing.
It seemed to go by so fast and when they say " Take it all in" we tried and loved it!
So... we are going to go for another one in Animal Kingdom in June..we'll see how we do because this one is even harder. A 5k, and obstacle course, and a scavenger hunt all at night! Whoa.
If anyone is going bog us or facebook me and let me know. We'd love to keep up with all of you.
Until then...See ya real  soon!